Rebrand: Penningtons

Penningtons is one of six divisions operating under Reitmans, Ltd. Penningtons offers plus-size (14-32) fashions in 143 stores across Canada as well as online. Their mission is to provide consumers with fit expertise, a quality product, and an inspiring experience. They offer intimate apparel, basic to fashion denim, work to weekend outfits, footwear, and activewear.

Currently, Penningtons has a very weak brand identity and I wanted to make a distinction between itself and their sister company, Addition Elle. While Addition Elle targets a younger, trend focused demographic, I wanted to target women who are after a more classic look. Many plus size consumers may feel that they aren’t “worthy” of looking beautiful, but I want Penningtons’ shoppers to feel empowered with what they’re buying and how they’re wearing it. I don’t want anyone to hide in their clothes, I want them to feel free – like they can step out into the world and “own it.” Aside from having a classic feel, I also wanted the new brand to convey a confident and alluring aesthetic.

I created a new logo, wordmark, stationarylookbookwebsite, and reusable bags with this new brand. This was a school project.




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